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Avoid Blind Spots to hire Top Talent!

We as a boutique search firm specializing in hiring for Sales, Leadership & Strategic roles Globally, have worked with multiple Clients. The experience had been like a rollercoaster with some very collaborative to some very deformative, but every assignment has made us learn more, improve and transform.


Whether your organization is large MNC or a Mid-Tier or a Start-up, there will always be few blind spots when it comes to Hiring practices/strategies. I have collated few blind spots, not because HR’s don’t know about it, but also due to ignorance or efforts

  • Looking at Brand Penetration of your company against competitors.
  • Your organisations Capabilities/Solutions/Products against your competition.
  • Speaking about creating superlative Candidate Experience, fail to deliver it.
  • Inconsistency of communication at across various levels of interviews. Not all interviewers on same page and understanding.
  • Inconsistency around benchmarking ROLE Vs EXPECTATION Vs COMPENSATION 
  • Inconsistency around uniformity of content on Solutions/Products/Latest News/Awards/Adverts across various channels like company website, social media, blogs etc.
  • Lack of data in decisions around compensation benchmarkingheatmaps on talent availability etc.
  • Long hiring process with multiple interviews or slow decision making process.
  • Lack of workplace diversity.
  • No communication or delay in notifying or update on the candidate status.
  • Walk the distance from being a Client-Vendor relationship to Client-Partner relationship with agencies.

 To conclude, organizations needs to periodically reflect upon their recruitment process and make necessary strategies/changes to attract top talent.

In my next article, I shall publish on how to eliminate these BLIND SPOTS.



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