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The New Normal : Impact of Covid 19

We all understand that these are challenging times for businesses. With significant uncertainty, it becomes vital to secure teams who can help you navigate the “New Normal”.


This health crises has also redefined the way we live and work in future. A “New Normal” emerged from working remotely, transition from direct to digital experience is all time high, Social engagement, mental health and well-being of employees are priorities . 


As a part of my job I speak to many leaders and I have listed the impact Covid19 on businesses and employees -  


-             Trust between Employer and Employee is all time high

-             Remote working will become mainstream.

-             Digital disruption at a speed we never thought of.

-             Shift supplementing direct experience to digital experience

-             Increased sense of gratitude towards everyone.

-             Lead to stronger empathy and better communication.

-             Employee well-being is top priority.

-             High tolerance to ambiguity.

-             Boost in Social Engagement.

-             Proved that you can take serious business decisions in a T-Shirt.

-             Proved that huge turnover and no profits is a bad business model when it comes to employee retention.

-             Technology-backed businesses in online education platforms, health, essential retail products, pharma and agriculture are seeing good growth.

-             Candidates will look at companies financial health more than the brand name while making a decision to join.

-             Candidates started exploring career options outside their domain or function.

-             People spending on absolute necessities and stay away from luxuries.

-             Majority people eating home food can improve overall health condition.

-             Participation in activities like exercising, board games, reading, card games, cooking, sweeping, cleaning, art work, writing etc. can stimulate the growth and health of brain cells.


While the senior leaders have gone back to the drawing broad to access the impact of the pandemic on future business projections and to re-strategize, we can expect new initiatives, solutions and measures by organizations to adapt to the “New Normal”.



Companies are hopeful of a revival soon and are firm that they may not have to compromise too much on their business outcomes at least by the end of this calendar year or by first quarter of 2021.


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